Step 1: The Creative Brief

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Company Overview
Where will this video be shown?
List 2-3 pain points (or problems) and briefly explain them in order of importance
Please try to keep your response short and sweet
What type of video are you looking to make? *
List 2-3 benefits (not features) and briefly explain them in order of importance.
The most important aspects of your product/service
How do you want to nudge the viewer to respond?
If you provide links please add a description of what you're linking us to.
How long are you looking for this video to be? *
We always suggest making shorter videos if you're selling a product. Informational or instructional videos should be kept under 3-5 minutes
Metaphors, analogies, and comparisons are effective ways to tell a story and paint vivid pictures to simplify a complex message.
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Company Address
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